All About GCYPAA

What is GCYPAA?
Simply put, it’s an annual AA Conference. G.C.Y.P.A.A. stands for the Georgia Conference by Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous. The conference is hosted by a Conference Committee representing a particular city or area in which they live. The purpose of the conference is to spread the message of recovery from alcoholism to an ever-increasing group of young alcoholics. “ Young ” is simply defined as “those people who still have room for growth.”

Amendment: In an effort to convey to all members of Alcoholics Anonymous that GCYPAA is not exclusively for young people, but rather for all who want to stay sober and help the alcoholic who still suffers, in 1996 it was decided by the group conscious of the advisory council to have GCYPAA now stand for the Georgia Conference by Young People in A.A. We, the Georgia Council of Young People in A.A., are merely hosting an annual conference for all to share in this happy, joyous, and free life we have been given the gift of sobriety.

Statement of Purpose
We, the members of the Georgia Conference by Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous, set forth this day to establish and preserve, by the following principles, the experience of our predecessors. In 1991, the Georgia Conference by Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous (GCYPAA) was founded for "one primary purpose--to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers," especially the young person. In 1992, at the Macon Conference, a permanent committee was established for the preservation of the experience and material of the Conference. We do think it beneficial to establish a custodian to preserve the efforts and experience of the Conference, lest they be lost. We also believe it beneficial to share our experience with all who request our help, for it is through carrying this message that others may discover this solution and "join us in brotherly and harmonious action."

See also GCYPAA Advisory Council By-Laws .

What Is The Purpose Of Hosting GCYPAA?
The annual conference is held in a different city or area each year. The cities are chosen by a bidding process much like that of the Georgia Pre-Paid convention. That Means… your area can host the conference. GCYPAA was formed to keep the miracle of sobriety continuing throughout our state by carrying A.A.’s message of Recovery, Unity and Service to A.A. members throughout the state of Georgia. We encourage Recovery by offering young people the opportunity to speak to people in their own peer groups… other young people who are sober by practicing A.A.’s Twelve Steps. We encourage Unity throughout the state by introducing young people to A.A.’s service structure, encouraging them to attend our state service assembly, other A.A. conventions as well as other forms of A.A. twelve-step work.

How Can We Host GCYPAA?
The Bidding city would form a committee that would put together a “bid”, consisting of a hotel package and statement of need supporting why your area should be selected to host the conference. To accomplish this, you must secure a hotel capable of hosting a conference where attendance figures range from 200 to 500 participants, raise funds to meet the resulting financial responsibilities and obtain the support of our statewide A.A. service bodies.

Also see GCYPAA Bidding Requirements .

How Do I Get Involved?
There are many ways to get involved with GCYPAA… you could attend the conference and become an outreach chairperson of your area. To get involved in the bidding process, some people in your area would form a committee compromised of, but not limited to, the following: a chairperson, secretary and treasurer. PLEASE REMEMBER, although this may all sound confusing, the GCYPAA Advisory Council is always there to share their experience, strength, and hope with you throughout the bidding process. They are more than happy to answer any questions you have and they will provide your committee guidance along the way. The GCYPAA Advisory Council meets three times a year at every Georgia State Assembly in Macon. For more information, mail your questions to:

GCYPAA Advisory Council
P.O. Box 1971
Decatur, GA 30030

What Happens At GCYPAA?
In addition to the regular conference activities such as alkathons, open speaker meetings, panel meetings, topic discussions, service workshops, dances and the banquet, the GCYPAA conference has a bid session. The bid session is the forum where each city interested in hosting the conference has the opportunity to present their statement of need and illustrate their ability to meet the 10 bidding requirements. The advisory council, compromised of past host city committee members, determines the location of the next yearly conference. All interested persons welcome to attend the bidding session, which offers a significant insight into the scope of the alcoholic problem and the efforts put forth by other cities to spread the message of recovery from alcoholism in Alcoholics Anonymous.

See also Host Committee Responsibilities .